“OSBÜK-OIZ Stars Research”, was conducted by the Turkishtime Research Team, the Portal to the Economy and Business World and led by Organized Industrial Zones.

This research is the first of its kind. A wide variety of data was collected from companies that operate in OIZs throughout Turkey such as 2020 exports, domestic turnover, profitability before taxes, total employment, female employment, amount of investment, R&D spending, number of patents and trademarks, digitalization expenses, logistic and this data was compiled over a digital survey. Questions in the survey were carefully determined and designed in accordance with the research goals in cooperation with OSBÜK (Organized Industrial Zones Superior Agency) Regional Directorates Commission.


We conducted our research on a “voluntary basis” with a principle of statement, and used cross-check system in order to increase the accuracy of information and analysis quality. In order to carry out the research with the correct data regarding performance ranking of companies operating in OIZs, we looked into top 1000 companies in Turkish export rankings and ISO top 500 companies that operate in OIZs. Our research team contacted these companies individually and asked them to fill out the survey form.

Companies that operate in OIZs and are listed in Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) Top 1000 and ISO Top 500, have filled out survey data in the OIZ Top 500 Research. We compared this data with the TIM and ISO data, and clarified any inconsistencies with the companies.


The beginning of the research was announced to companies that operate in OIZs through large-scale communication by OSBÜK, the management of 358 OSBÜK member Organized Industrial Zones were notified and the research was announced, and communication was reinforced through periodic announcements.

The Directorates of the 358 Organized Industrial Zones also informed the active companies through their own communiques, and helped publicize the research by including it on their websites and their own private communication channels.

Another publicity channel for the research was Turkishtime’s own e-mail network, social media posts and press bulletin application.


Our research consists of two data lists, one is the Top 100 list based on five main performance criteria; export, domestic turnover, profitability, employment and female employment, and the other is the Top 50 list based on four subheadings; R&D, patent and trademark registration and digitalization. We are proud to point out that we provided the research with the most comprehensive data, with performance lists based on a total of ten criteria, for Turkish industrialists.

The data were analyzed by valuable academicians and experts. General analysis was performed by Prof. Dr. Emre Alkin, total employment analysis by Prof. Dr. Cem Kılıç Kılıç, and the female employment analysis was performed by Emine Erdem, the president of KAGİDER. The patent and trademark data were analyzed by Uğur G. Yalçıner, president of PEM (Patent and Trademark Deputy Association), R&D data by D. Ferhat Demir, analyst for Turkishtime’s R&D 250 publication, and the digitalization data by Dr. Engin Ayçiçek. We thank each and every one of them for their valuable contributions.


Dr. Atilla Yardımcı, Informatics and Business Development Director of OSBÜK was the leader of our research.

Alongside Dr. Atilla Yardımcı, our research coordinators who worked day and night in order to carry out this research in full, research specialists Işılay Artut, Sultan Kuğu, Duygu Erdinç, Sumayya Dalyanlar, and Rukiye Asrak, reporting and publishing director Hüsne Pamuk, editor Ertuğrul Kayserilioğlu, graphic design and esteemed members of our team Bahadır Erışık, Doğan Pektaş, and Murat Ulusoy and the digital director of the research Gökhan Balaban are the architects of this work. We thank each and every one of them for their valuable contributions.


There’s a first time for everything. This research, carried out by Turkishtime, the portal for the Economy and Business World, in cooperation with Organized Industrial Zones Superior Agency (OSBÜK) is the first of its kind for the Turkish manufacturing powerhouse OIZs in terms of its scope and contents. We plan to redo this research every year in order to slowly compensate the shortcomings of being the first of its kind.

We feel proud. “OSBÜK-OIZ Stars Research” was truly a wakeup call for our country. The performance of OIZ companies that humbly work behind the scenes was displayed in figures.

Ingenuity is subject to compliment, meaning as long as we appreciate the accomplishments of companies, more will follow. We are proud to present very successful Turkish Industrialists and Exporters that were recorded in the “OSBÜK-OIZ Stars Research”.

We celebrate them and express our sincerest gratitude to all of them.

We hope that “OSBÜK-OIZ Stars Research”, will serve as source material for institutions and people that drive the economy and business world, international investors, national industry strategists, the companies conduct foreign trade with our country, and for researchers in fields such as economy, foreign trade, employment, investment, R&D, logistics and digitalization.